Two Types of Geeks Who Get Plastic Surgery in Silicon Valley

MakenzieR on 5 Jul 2012 at 5:00pm

silicon valley plastic surgeryPlastic surgery is often associated with the Hollywood and Hamptons crowd, but we started to wonder -- with all the new money in Silicon Valley, what are people at Apple, Google and Facebook having done?

We turned to a local facial plastic surgeon to find out. On the condition of anonymity - so let’s call him Dr. Silicon - he gave us the lowdown on the changing faces in the tech industry.

According to Dr. Silicon, there are two main groups of tech-men having cosmetic procedures:

1) The Newbies - They want to look stronger and more masculine

Many of the big players in tech companies are very young, Mark Zuckerburg type guys. Though they have money and high titles now, they want an appearance that matches how they feel inside.

“[The tech world] is very competitive,” says Dr. S. “Young guys want to look more masculine and stronger. A lot are very young and are heading up teams. They have teams that are coming from Harvard, Stanford, etc. While they’re confident in their abilities, they want their outward appearance to reflect their inner self.”

What they have done: “Most patients aren’t coming in to get drastic changes,” notes Dr. S. For a stronger appearance, many request chin or cheek augmentations. Some of the savvier folks ask about using Botox to change the position of brows or shape of their eyes, which Dr. S does (very carefully).

2) The Wise Guys - They want to keep up

Being of a certain age can mean you get stereotyped for not knowing about technology. The +40 tech crowd wants to maintain a youthful appearance to be taken seriously.

“The 40 to 55-year-old patients have a lot of energy, and are really seasoned and excellent at what they do,” says Dr. S. But, “their boss is 26 years old. They are going to staff meetings and get the feeling they’re being ignored, or that people think they don’t know what they’re talking about technologically.”

What they have done: This group is “more likely to ‘go big,’” shares Dr. S. They’re into the heavy-duty anti-aging procedure like facelifts, eyelid surgery, and anything that tightens the neck. They’re willing to take a week+ off to do it.

Dr. Silicon says he isn’t surprised by the rising demand from tech folks. He points out that “a lot of the people who work in the tech industry work really hard. It’s pretty demanding and taxing.” (We couldn’t agree more!)

Photo credits: Clip Art/lilmisshyperne on Photobucket; olly18/Deposit Photos; jovannig/Deposit Photos