Secret Steps to Celebrity Beauty at the Emmy's

Dr. Fleming on 23 Aug 2010 at 12:57pm

We all know celebrities influence our ideals of appearance and fashion, and we all carefully critique what cosmetic procedures they might have done. The good work that results in a natural appearance is always appreciated; the bad work is obvious. Some are very honest about their treatments such as the stunning Vanessa Williams. She talked about her Botox treatments:

“I’ve been nominated for three Emmys because I have expression and can act. I think it’s a slippery slope when you paint a broad picture that every actress that uses Botox will look a certain way. I think it’s all a matter of who you choose to administer it, …”

Celebrities always anticipate the Emmy Awards, even if they are not nominees; there are variations in the timing of their preparation, depending upon their personal and professional schedules, but over the last thirty-five years I’ve seen definite trends in how they get ready for the night they will be seen around the world.

All year round preparation for the Emmy Awards

People who are in the public eye, especially those in front of the camera, work with their trainers, nutritionists and aestheticians all year round.Jimmy Fallon hosts this year's Emmy Award Ceremony

3-4 months before the Emmy's

May and June are typically the months of hiatus (when major shows take a break from filming), so those in the television sector of the entertainment business will schedule bigger cosmetic procedures such as rejuvenation surgery like facelifts and eyelid surgery, as well as rhinoplasties and breast work at that time.

Even though the Emmy nominations are not announced until the beginning of July, this is especially true for those celebrities who anticipate going to the Emmy Awards. Those who are on highly rated shows, and those who have been repeatedly nominated like 30 Rock and Closer, definitely plan their appearance in advance.

30 days before the Emmy Awards

The last month before the show becomes much more hectic. The television academy hosted a big party for the nominees the first of August. Individuals who want smaller invasive procedures, such as liposuction, may do this surgery three to four weeks before the Emmy Awards. If necessary any areas not completely healed will be hidden with careful fashion selection.

Remember, although these people are in the public eye, they do have a right to privacy, and many choose not to reveal their secrets. This reminds me of an actress on whom I performed liposuction before the awards. During an interview after the show, the actress was complimented on her great figure, which was obvious because she wore an appropriately revealing dress. She carefully responded by complimenting and thanking her nutritionist and trainer for getting her in such good shape!

1 - 2 weeks in advance

In the final one to two weeks before the Emmy Awards Presentation, many update their Botox treatments, touch up their fillers, and see our aesthetician for skincare. 

24 hours before the Emmy Show

The last twenty-four hours become more exciting as the celebrities spend time with their hairdressers, make-up artists, jewelers, and their fashion designers for any last minute adjustments. At this stage, they are not calling their plastic surgeons, although last year I did get called to the hotel room of a nominee the night before the show to treat a sudden eruption of a skin problem.

After all this preparation, LET THE SHOW BEGIN.

  Richard Fleming, MD
       Richard Fleming, Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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