Seattle Women Want to Perk Up (sans Starbucks)

Anonymous_1 on 9 Mar 2011 at 12:00am

Seattleites are not well-known for putting a high priority on personal beauty. While Nordstrom is headquartered in the city, Goretex and clogs still rule. New RealSelf data shows that Seattle women are in fact interested in more than a perk from a Venti Starbucks latté. Interest in breast lift surgery is 12% higher than the national average, as revealed by our RealSelf Interest Index.  

RealSelf Breast lift before and after gallery

Breast lift surgery seems to be well-liked on the whole by those who’ve had them: 75% of those who reviewed the surgery on RealSelf gave it a thumbs up, saying it was Worth It. Over 87,000 breast list surgeries were performed in 2009, way up from 2000 by 65%.  

At an average cost of $8,400, a breast lift is a tad more pricy than a cup o’ Joe.  

Saggy Cities

So if Seattle’s looking to perk up, who’s sagging behind? Angelenos seem to have lost interest in breast lifts; the city’s interest was 30% lower than the national average as of January 2011*.  Also down: San Francisco, where interest is 29% lower*.  

*Source: RealSelf Q4 2010 data      

Segal photo credit: by NBWaller