Heads or Tails? See Where Seattle Lands on Cosmetic Procedures

MakenzieR on 29 Sep 2011 at 9:00am

Seattleites show a greater interest in cosmetic procedures for the face than for the lower body, according to new RealSelf data.

The top 5 procedures Seattle shows an above average interest in, when compared to the rest of the nation:

Asian Eyelid Surgery   +149%
Teeth Whitening   +118%
Revision Rhinoplasty   +101%
Eyelid Surgery   + 68%
Facelift   + 43%

Seattle interest plastic surgery

In addition to showing an above average in interest in facial procedures, Seattleites show a below average interest in many of the most well-known body procedures.   

Brazilian Butt Lift   - 44%
CoolSculpting   - 41%
Zerona   - 38%
Smart Lipo   - 37%
Mini Tummy Tuck   - 19%
Tummy Tuck   - 14%

The Emerald City is known for it’s abundance of physical activities in every season -- from skiing in the winter to biking and hiking in the summer.  Perhaps exercise keeps Northwest bodies young, and facial procedures are the answer to a matching visage? 

Emerald Citizens also show a high interest in a breast boost -- something else that exercise can't fix.

Breast Augmentation   + 38% (above national average)
Breast Lift   + 21%

To measure the interest in cosmetic procedures, our team looked at millions of searches on RealSelf.com by geographic location. This reveals what's trending and trailing for every major city and region.

What do you think of this Seattle trend?