RealSelf in SCENE Magazine: "So long, Cellulite"

A. Foley on 18 Aug 2012 at 9:00am

We love any time our site is used to help educate people in matters of medi-beauty – that’s what we’re here for! This month’s issue of San Francisco’s Scene magazine highlighted one of the hottest procedures on the market – Cellulaze, a minimally invasive procedure targeting cellulite that has people abuzz. The article not only used before and after pictures from the RealSelf community, the Worth It Rating and average cost, but also advocates for realistic expectations and notes the unknown long-term results.

The article also offers some informative doctor insights, similar to those found in our forums and Q&A sections:

  • “Not only does Cellulaze change the anatomy, it’s done in just one treatment. With other cellulite treatments, the effect is short-lived and once you stop doing them, the improvement in appearance goes away.’’ – Dr. Daryl K Hoffman
  • “[Ideal candidates] are healthy, do not have stretch marks in the area with cellulite, and should be within 20 pounds of their normal weight.” – Dr. Fred Suess

Wrapping up, the article encourages potential patients to learn more, weigh the options, and make an informed decision, citing RealSelf as a resource for diary-type revelations and community/doctor support. We all have to do the homework!


What are your favorite resources for the latest in medi-beauty (besides RealSelf, of course)? Do you look to magazines for trends and insight?


photo credit: scene, Dr. Mario Diana, MD