Save Ronald McDonald -- Fire Parents!

Julie Clark Robinson on 20 May 2011 at 11:00am

Over 500 organizations and healthcare professionals have banded together to implore Mickey D’s to can the clown.  

Apparently they feel that using a clown in their advertising manipulates kids to eat junk food.  Also to blame is the word “happy” in “happy meal”.   Because Lord knows our little darlings are mindless and they couldn’t find anything to be happy about if not for the nuggets and fries inside a cardboard box with cartoons on it, right?  I dunno, it seems to me that the little buggars are pretty darn joyful when they’re eating grapes, goldfish crackers and string cheese too.

McDonald's Happy Meal warPutting Ronald among the country’s unemployed, is only part of the so-called solution.  Last year, the city of San Francisco banned Happy Meals in an effort to but the kibash on childhood obesity within their golden gates.  "We're part of a movement that is moving forward an agenda of food justice," said San Francisco Board Supervisor Eric Mar.

Food justice?  Really?

Of course kids will beg for a Happy Meal because they know there’s a certain toy they’ve just gotta have inside that magic cardboard flap; but are we to believe that children are so monstrous that parents are afraid to say no?

What if parents who drive the fam through the golden arches more than once a week are mandated to watch an episode of ABC’s The Biggest Loser. Just seeing what adults go through in order to turn their lives around should give them the gumption they need to stand up to the pleading of their little darlings.

Dr. Richard P. Rand weighs in.  “…childhood obesity is a form of child abuse. Parents can largely control their child's diet and should be held accountable for much of the nation's obesity problem. This may sound extreme but parents should be made aware of and be held responsible for the destruction of their child's lives that comes from obesity both in its physical as well as its psychological consequences.”

I’m with the doctor.  Thoughts?

War on Happy Meals

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