Safetox worth it?

Beauty in Seattle on 6 Jan 2008 at 12:00am

I got Botox the other day for my first time (yes, I'll post a Botox review on RealSelf).  Let's just say my experience was more painful than expected during the injection and the results aren't incredible...just ok.

I saw a comment on RealSelf for a product called Safetox which promises that 2 sessions "produce a reduction in wrinkles of around 11%, rising to about 65% after 6 weeks."

But check this thing out.  It looks like a device worn in Star Trek!  When researching the safetox website I can't find specifics on how safetox works.  Lots of statements related to relaxing wrinkle-causing muscles (like Botox) without injections.

What do you think, is safetox worth it?