Who’s 50, Still Smokin’ Hot Without Much Cosmetic Surgery?

Julie Clark Robinson on 6 May 2011 at 11:45am

Happy 50th Birthday, George Clooney. 

Believe me; if I could celebrate with you in person I’d certainly do so.  Alas, I shall sing your praises through the Web.

george clooney 50 and hotWhy we love your cosmetically unenhanced face:

  • Your laugh lines make us all want in on the secret.
  • Your unlifted brows add to the mystery
  • Your salt and pepper hair is the stuff that the newly monikered (and hair challenged) Duke of Cambridge would die for.
  • Those smoldering brown eyes may not be lidded as tightly as some but they still say “comeget me!”
  • Your unveneered teeth may be whitened now and again, but it’s all good where you’re concerned.
  • Your tanned face, pronounced Adam’s apple and naturally square chin shout “I’m alive and lovin’ it!”

You wanna know what makes you even more loveable?  You allowed yourself to pack on 20 pounds for Michael Clayton and 35 for Syriana and bounced right back with a good old fashioned game of hoops or two.  (Okay, even if you had a trainer and a dietician we will cut you some slack.)

You also supposedly told your friend Julia Roberts that you had under eye-bags removed. But they are still there, so I'm skeptical. And I don't care.

You are among the lucky few whose gene pool is working in your favor.  Your dad is darn close to as hot as you are!  Eat, drink and be merry today George.  We have little doubt that you need our permission, but go for it.  You give "good livin" a good name.

What is your favorite thing about America's most charming silver fox?

Nick and George Clooney are old and handsome     Young George Clooney
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons and TVrage.com