Florida is Butt Capital of US

MakenzieR on 19 Apr 2011 at 9:00am

Miami wants to add junk to the trunk like no other city, while Denver couldn't care less.  West Palm Beach and Orlando are also within the top 5 big-booty seeking cities, making Florida the unofficial buttocks capital of the United States.

Our calculation of butt-interest is sourced from the hundreds of thousands of searches made at RealSelf for the butt augmentation procedure called the "Brazilian Butt Lift."  The procedure involves a fat transfer and often liposuction to enhance butt shape and size.

Brazilian Butt Lift in America

The top 5 cities interested in a Brazilian Butt Lift are:

  1. Miami +128% (vs. the National Average)
  2. NYC  +119%
  3. Atlanta  +86%
  4. West Palm Beach +65%
  5. Orlando  +54% 

While it's tempting to conclude that a bodacious bum is sought inorder to fill out the bikini, the lack of interest in butt shaping surgery in San Diego and Phoenix suggests other factors are at play. In addition to these cities, Seattle (-27%) and Boston (-24%) are far less interested in the Brazilian Butt Lift.  

Brazilian Butt lift least interested

"I think the procedure is popular in Florida because we have a large latin population, among whom a larger, more full appearing derriere is more often considered attractive," speculates Orlando plastic surgeon, Armando Soto, who also performs butt lifting surgery. "Secondarily, I think that the warmer weather and the fashions worn are also important considerations for some women."

Dr. Soto also believes, "as far as NYC, I think that again, the larger latin population largely explains this as well- I know that when patients from NYC have come to me in the past, they have uniformly been of latin heritage."

Brazilian butt lift before and after


Lead Photo: Incase. on flickr.com

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