How Being A Construction Worker Helped Me Get A Breast Reduction

soilschick on 9 Sep 2013 at 9:00am

In an attempt to put her work harness on, something she did everyday for work, SoilsChick realized her 42 G-sized breasts were holding her back from living an active life.  This is her journey, in her own words.

I’m SoilsChick, I’m 36, and I live in the suburbs of Chicago. I work in construction.

I saw a co-worker and I said, "You look great, you look like you've lost a lot of weight." And she said, "I had a breast reduction." She said, "Yeah, our insurance covers breast reductions." That's when it started, when I found out the union covered a breast reduction with our insurance. I went to her doctor and he got me approved in a week, no problems at all. The union went off what the plastic surgeon said, so I never had to fight any real battles.

One of the defining moments was when I actually strained a back muscle putting on a back harness [at work]. All the guys were looking at me like, "what's wrong, Jo?" I just put on the harness. It's something we put on everyday for safety.

I actually stopped going out on dates in December so that way I wouldn't have to try to explain why my breasts were reduced.

When my best friend came up to take care of me the night before the surgery, I was really nervous. I was happy she was there, but part of me was like "you know, I can live with big breasts." And she was like, "don't you dare back out."

The morning of it I was terrified. I kept on being like, "I can back out. I can back out." Even when I was getting in the gown, I was thinking "I could still go." I was very, very nervous. It wasn't until they put the happy drugs in me that I calmed down.

The moment I woke up from surgery I just felt so light. I feel like a little bouncing bubble of light. I feel so light. I feel bubbly. I feel bouncy. I feel like there's a good life out there. I can actually walk up the stairs without hurting my back. The constant pain? Gone. I can actually have a life that I haven't had since college.

In college I was still a double or triple D (see below), but I was still able to do stuff.

I used to do rock climbing and kickboxing. I used to teach self-defense classes, way back when. I used to do lots of stuff. I used to run.

They [family] know about it.

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All people notice though is that I've lost a ton of weight.

It's funny when you go out and tell someone you've had a breast reduction they always say, "Oh yeah, my sister had one or my mother had one." It's like all the stories come out. Everyone is happy they did it. Everyone tells me I look lighter and seem happier. Now that it's gone I'm actually going to go back to a gym, start swimming again, start getting back into kickboxing again. I'm going to be very active again. I can actually live a normal life.

-- As told to Nicole Karlis, with gratitude to SoilsChick for sharing her journey.

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