5 Reasons a Plastic Surgeon Might Turn You Down

12 Jan 2012 at 2:00pm

Guest post by Cathy Enns, plastic surgery blogger

Did you know that as you evaluate a plastic surgeon, he or she will also be sizing you up as a suitable patient?  Your doctor will be alert for red flags like these during your consultation:

#1:  You want to be a clone

You may love Beyonce’s curves, but that doesn’t mean you can get ‘em.  Every physique isdifferent and surgical outcomes are somewhat get Beyonce's hips unpredictable, therefore it’s impossible to replicate someone else’s features. 

Not only that, the body part you admire may look odd on you.  Counseling a rhinoplasty patient, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. John Diaz says the goal is to “make a more refined version of your own nose.”  He adds that if a nose is altered dramatically, “it will not fit with the rest of your face.”

#2:  You want a flawless body

According to Baltimore plastic surgeon Dr. Theda Kontis, “The most important reason patients are turned down is they have unrealistic expectations.”  Cosmetic surgery can tighten your tummy, not make you a supermodel. Unless you’ve almost got a supermodel body already.

plastic surgery motivations#3:  You think it will help you move you ahead

If your goal is unrelated to tuning up your looks—say, landing a job or saving a relationship—Dr. Kontis would also consider you a poor prospect.  Plastic surgery is likely to help you feel better about your appearance; results beyond that are up to you.

#4:  You’re obsessing over a minor flaw

Some patients feel a body part is ruining their lives, and some become preoccupied with a flaw so minor their cosmetic surgeon can’t even see it, says Seattle plastic surgeon Dr. Phil Haeck.   Plastic surgeons know these patients are unlikely to be satisfied after surgery.

Sheyla Hershey biggest breast implants#5: You want to be the biggest/best

If your goal is to set a record or stand out in a crowd, most plastic surgeons will show you the door.  Dr. Haeck gives the real example of a petite woman requesting 800cc implants, “The biggest ones they make.”  No matter how skilled the surgeon, there’s no chance those breast implants would look normal on a tiny woman.  That’s not good for the doctor or the patient.

Consider your motivations honestly.  A surgeon’s goal is to fulfill your wishes; if you’re turned down, it’s because he or she does not believe that’s possible.

Photo credits: georgiapeach on RealSelf; honeybug22 on stock.xchg; www.sheylahershey.net