RealSelf reviews tell a powerful story in Allure Magazine

T1000 on 18 Oct 2007 at 6:39pm

RealSelf featured in Fat Chance article about Lipodissolve“Fat Chance,” a feature article in the latest issue of Allure Magazine about Lipodissolve and other “fat melters,” has a connection to the community.  Authors of lipodissolve reviews on agreed to be interviewed for the story and recount their emotional experiences with an audience that extends beyond the web.

But the story goes much deeper.  Hundreds of real people have stepped-up and shared their honest assessment of their cosmetic treatment experiences that get posted under our reviews section.  The fact is, we're much more than a Lipodissolve review site; consumer reviews cover treatments ranging from Radiesse injections to Laser hair removal to teeth whitening.

These reviews can certainly uncover potential side effects that aren't well-understood for the “latest and greatest” procedure.  But they also provide an important message for others: you're not alone, your opinion counts, and please learn from my experience. 


Allure has published an online exclusive about Lipodissolve providers posing as customers and writing glowing reviews

. To continually improve the accuracy of the reviews on, we'll continue to monitor reviews that we receive and add new ways that reviewers can verify their experience.