The ”Human Barbie” Without Makeup, Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign, Triple Nipple — #RealNews Roundup

Chako S. on 14 Apr 2014 at 10:34am

Too busy to sift through the web to find the health and beauty news you need to know for this week? Not to worry, we sifted through the headlines and pulled out the good ones just for you. Read on to catch up on what you might've missed!

If you’ve been secretly wondering what “Human Barbie” Valeria Lukyanova looks like without all the doll-like makeup and circle lenses, she’s posted a few pics to her Facebook. In the past two weeks, the 28-year-old Moldavian-Ukrainian model was criticized for controversial comments she made on “race-mixing” in this GQ article. She’s been under media scrutiny since she debuted her extreme look on YouTube in 2007.

Here's a photo of Valeria is without makeup:

Critics seem to be having a major falling out with Dove on the debut of its new “patches” campaign. The company is coming under fire for pandering to its female consumers, and has a few thoughts on its whole “Campaign for Real Beauty.” In particular, it posts that “Dove only cares about getting your money from you.” Do you think Dove has a conscience?

We don’t think you’ll be much surprised by British lingerie company Bluebella’s survey to find what men and woman think is the "perfect body" (via, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Pssh! As if we didn’t know men think Kim Kardashian’s breasts are ideal!

And we’ll close with this quote: “I think I have a third boob.”‘Nuff said! Read Genelle’s amazing story over on

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Photo credit: Valeria Lukyanova on Facebook