Foreign Post-Op Patients Facing Complications at South Korea's Customs, More Men Are Getting Plastic Surgery — #RealNews Roundup

Chako S. on 21 Apr 2014 at 9:56am

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Those who are thinking of getting (drastic) plastic surgery in South Korea (see above photo) might need a “plastic surgery certificate” to exit the country with ease. Apparently, some Japanese and Chinese patients who have undergone treatments in the country end up looking quite different from their passport pics, which is causing problems at customs. If this kind of trouble at the border is happening overseas, why doesn’t it happen more often in America, the country with the highest total number of plastic surgeries (via International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)? Dr. Foad Nahai explains, “In the U.S., we do not routinely undertake procedures that drastically change someone's appearance […] [It's] a different case in Asia; [they do] much more bone work than we do for purely cosmetic reasons.”

In case you didn’t know, the number of men who are getting plastic surgery is swiftly going up and to the right. has categorized them into four main categories. These include “CEO or Board Member” and “Athletic Dad,” and they might be seeking procedures like the “Forbes Facelift” and the “Daddy Do-Over” respectively. We’re never been keen on putting people into boxes, but those names are pretty clever! rounds up the best and worst body firming products with a caveat, “[To] be totally honest, fighting unsightly flab and dimples with creams and lotions alone just won’t cut it. You must also eat right and — dare we say it — hit the gym.” But at RealSelf we like to be even more totally honest: Sometimes creams, hitting the gym, and eating right won’t cut it, and you need a little something extra. Arewerite? If you need more than creams and lotions, read our unbiased reviews of hundreds of cosmetic treatments right here.

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