Real Housewife Drama Unfolds at Dr. Paul Nassif's "Night of Beauty"

K. Mathews on 9 Nov 2011 at 4:00pm

Did you catch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week? Adrienne’s husband, Dr. Paul Nassif, invited his wife’s friends over to his plastic surgery office for what he called “Paul’s Night of Beauty”. Personally, I’m not sure whether I would be grateful or insulted by the gesture, but most of the housewives accept the invitation. Besides, who has time to just socialize or beautify anymore? Smart housewives know how to multitask.

The evening’s first patient is Kyle Richards, who was just in Paul’s workplace the previous week to watch her mother-in-law receive a facelift. The results scared her so much that she couldn't contain her crying, but Kyle appears to have already forgotten all of these concerns. Hoping to shrink her muffin top, Kyle undergoes a non-surgical laser treatment that looks like Zerona. Alas, we don’t get to see the results since the procedure requires five additional treatments. Funny how a “night” of beauty quickly turns into two weeks.

Lisa Vanderpump (how is that a real last name?) comes to watch the girls get work done, but refuses to participate herself because she “works with the public" and doesn't want to leave red-faced. She joins Taylor Armstrong who is having her face numbed in preparation for fillers.

Lisa suggests that eating would also do the trick, but Taylor defends herself by saying that her appearance is genetic… aside from all of the work she’s having done, of course.

Where is Kyle’s sister, Kim Richards? The woman who prides herself on never being late is late of course. It does take a while to swallow all those pills after all. As she admits to Paul, she’s currently on Topamax, Lexipro, and Trazadone, which are epilepsy, antidepressant, and anxiety medications.

While Paul is concerned about this drug combination, he assures her that it won’t interfere with having her lips plumped. Regardless of how good the injections turn out, it might just make Kim look worse as a person, however, as she insulted Taylor for having the same procedure done last season. But hey, plastic surgeons are there to shrink hips, not hypocrisy.

Amidst the non-surgical treatments, there is a lot more petty drama than good times, but nobody said that “Paul’s Night of Beauty” would be fun. As absurd as this get-together might seem, it might actually pale in comparison to the ridiculous “séance party” Kyle throws the next night. Oh to be a Beverly Hill socialite!

Photo Credits: (lead photo is Kyle's mother-in-law post facelift)