Psoriasis treatment: let fish eat away your skin

Beauty in Seattle on 24 Jul 2006 at 12:00am

psoriasis skin treatmentNo, I'm not kidding. In Japan you can pay to get flesh eating fish--ok, perhaps I'm exaggerating, let's say "skin eating"-- to chew off your flaky and dry skin caused by psoriasis outbreaks, eczema, or calluses.

Actually, this fish-based skin treatment called Garra rufa therapy, is not a new trend. Hot springs in Turkey and Germany have offered this psoriasis treatment for ages. Basically, all it requires is for you to step into a hot pool teaming with the fish. They come up to you and start nibbling away the flaking skin.

The tiny Garra rufa fish is none other than your simple carp, that thrive in hot pools, and gets starved of their routine foods like algae. The flaky skin thus becomes a tasty morsel.

If you want to try out this unique skincare experience, note that the fish are often referred to as "Doctor Fish" as well as "Nibble Fish," "Kangal Fish," and my favorite, "Doctorfishen."