Pro Tips for Football Injuries

MakenzieR on 5 Feb 2012 at 2:00pm

You can't play football right after a cosmetic procedure. But you can get a cosmetic procedure right after playing football. A square is a rectangle but a rectangle...nevermind.

A lot of parents and players have turned to the RealSelf doctors for advice on football injuries. Thankfully, none of the questions posed on RealSelf are as macabre as my vision of my future son wanting to play football and ending up with life-altering injuries...but I digress. 

In case any of the Patriots or Giants get hurt today, here's some advice on football-related injuries (you know, because they don't have hundreds of doctors standing by):

Tom brady plastic surgery super bowl

Notice a trend in those last few? Probably not surprising that a ball flying at your face puts your nose at risk. But no one was more at risk that this guy, who had a rhinoplasty due to a football injury, then was playing basketball 2 weeks post-op and got hit again. 

When it comes to contact sports after rhinoplasty (or any procedure), doctors recommend waiting an average of 6-12 weeks. We just hope the aforementioned athlete with bad nose luck is doing okay now. Thank goodness the NFL wears so much protective gear! I'd hate to see Tom Brady looking any different than he does now. Lucky Gisele...

We'll leave you with this little gem: