Pretty Hurts - A Shot of Couples' Therapy

K. Mathews on 20 Jul 2011 at 9:00am

All good things must come to an end – even Pretty Hurts. After ten episodes, we’ve finally reached the season finale. For all of the lips, cheeks, and foreheads that Rand has improved, the one thing he hasn’t managed to fix is his relationship with his ex-life partner and current business partner, Curt. The pair kicks off the episode by squabbling in the waiting room in front of patients.

One of these patients is Ilana, a psychologist with pronounced bags under her eyes. Unfortunately, Rand does not think that filler will improve her particular situation, though he does believe that a minor facelift will do the trick. Ilana promises to consider the procedure, and before she leaves comments on the lack of professionalism of RandPretty Hurts on Logo and Curt arguing in front of their clients. Oh, Ilana, if you only knew… that’s not even in the top ten most unprofessional moments of the season!

Longtime client Kelley has the following appointment with Rand, who she calls her “mechanic”. Just make sure that’s not windshield wiper fluid he’s injecting into your cheeks, Kelley. After receiving her tune up, Kelley expresses her hope that Rand and Curt get back together.

With that, Rand goes and proposes to Curt. No, not marriage, he’s proposing that the two go to therapy together. But rather than asking outright, Rand uses some odd metaphor about how they are two old ladies who own cats and can no longer recognize how bad their house smells because they live in it. As mangled as the comparison is, Curt gets a genuine zing in when he labels Rand the “stinky, dirty cat”. Curt asks for some time to think about, but almost immediately sets up an appointment to have a therapist visit their office.

Pretty Hurts on LogoMeanwhile, Rand meets with Mimi, who hates the lines that form when she scrunches her forehead. Concerned that her heavy brows will only droop further with freezer in her forehead, Rand is unwilling to inject her. His recommendation? Not to scrunch her forehead. Here’s hoping he didn’t bill much for that consultation! 

Soon, the couples’ therapist Trina (as seen on Tool Academy) drops by the office to watch how Rand and Curt interact with each other. Not only does she witness them bicker, but she also learns from their coworkers that some sexual tension might still exist between the pair.

The resulting therapy session is pretty emotional for men who I suspect have intentionally clogged up their tear ducts with filler. Trina gets Curt to admit some lingering feelings for Rand, but Rand is afraid to rekindle a romantic relationship because he feels a second breakup would have more permanent repercussions and he’s not ready to lose Curt from his life.

As I see it, in the same way that Rand uses injections to remove signs of aging from his patients for six months at a time, he takes a similar approach to his relationship with Curt by making small adjustments rather than reaching a long-term solution. Will Rand finally take the leap? Looks like we’ll have to wait until next season to see whether there is a new beginning for the couple.

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