Pretty Hurts: An Injectionist to the Stars Gets His Own Reality Show

K. Mathews on 1 Jun 2011 at 4:00pm

Are you watching Pretty Hurts, Logo’s new show about a Beverly Hills injectionist? The show stars Rand Rusher, a registered nurse who performs non-surgical cosmetic enhancements on Hollywood’s A list, B list, and wanna-Be list stars. While Pretty Hurts primarily focuses on Rand’s office life, we also get a glimpse of some of his personal life, particularly his unusual relationship with his former life-partner and current business-partner, Curt. The cast also features three female staffers who seem to spend more time obsessing over Rand’s love life than with clients.

On the show’s most recent episode, Rand meets with Dante, a successful comedian who was a finalist on Last Comic Standing. Dante earns a living off his remarkable Robert De Niro and Jack Nicholson impressions, so while he wants to remove some wrinkles, he doesn’t want to alter the expressive nature of his face. For $600, Rand injects filler around Dante’s eyes, minimizing the wrinkles without restricting the face’s movement.

Dante fillers on Pretty Hurts

Next is Sue Ann, a hairdresser and aspiring actress. She wants a touchup before appearing in a play later that night. It’s sure to be an interesting performance, because as Sue Ann admits, “I have three lines and I can’t remember them.” She is, however, aware of the lines forming around her lips. Rand gives Sue Ann a $905 filler and warns that the lines are forming due to her smoking habit, but she blames them on performing a certain sex act. Keep it classy, Sue Ann!  She might also want to look into how RealSelf doctors feel about smokers who get dermal fillers.

The final client, Jodi, comes in for some filler in her cheeks, but ends up pitching a nipple-covering product she invented. It looks useful for self-conscious people on cold, nipply nippy days. While Rand won’t be a repeat customer, considering the interest in nipple reduction procedures, I’m sure Jodi will find the appropriate market.    

Curt Meeuwsen and Rand Rusher from Pretty HurtsFinally, Rand closes the office for a couple of days to take a trip with Curt to Canada to sell a skin care line they’ve developed on a cable shopping network. Rand is apprehensive about having to be on TV, claiming to be camera-shy. Um, he does realize he’s starring on a reality show, right? I’m not sure I buy that a man who seems so comfortable on his own show could be that nervous about appearing on an infomercial.

You know who else isn’t buying it? The shopping network viewers. Rand fails to sell as much of his skin care product as he hoped. “I got up there and froze!” Rand moans. After freezing the faces of so many clients, it was bound to come back to him eventually!

It’s hard to feel too bad for Rand, though. Even if he can’t interest people in skin care now, he already knows that there’s a lot of money to be made from people who wish they had taken better care of their skin. And we’ll see him do just that when a new episode airs Saturday night on Logo.

Have you been watching the show? What do you think? 

*Nurse Rusher practices under the guidance of board-certified plastic surgeon and ASAPS member Dr. Norman Leaf
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