Not so sure about a Tummy Tuck? Try the Belly Bandit

Beauty Cred on 4 Sep 2008 at 9:28pm

Mommy belly, mommy tummy, baby belly. There are plenty of cute names for it, but somewhere around 3 months after giving birth, you realize that the beaming pride you once felt for that belly bulge is now a source of unwelcome self-consciousness. No doubt about it, post-pregnancy belly is something that bothers all mothers--it's frustrating, hard to lose, and it often seems like there just aren't options for women who don't want to undergo the knife.

So, enter the Belly Bandit.

Redbook featured it their September 2008 issue. The Belly Bandit is an abdominal compression wrap that was designed to help mothers as they try to "bounce" their bodies back (another euphemism, no?). Apparently, the Belly Bandit wrap "helps reduce bloating and uterine swelling, provides much-needed support for your fatigued back and legs, and even improves posture during breast-feeding"--and it's available in three versions:

1. Belly Bandit Original ($40)

2. Belly Bandit Couture ( $50)

3. Belly Bandit Bamboo ($60)

My initial thought (since I'm now over the "child-bearing years") was that it looks a bit uncomfortable--kind of a scaled down version of a weightlifter's belt. But it does seem to provide more support than your average Spanx. If nothing else, it's another non-surgical method to try and it may boost your mood if not, in reality, your belly.