Plastic surgery nightmares: a cautionary tale or shameless hunt for ratings

Beauty in Seattle on 5 Dec 2005 at 2:11pm

E Network is responsible for bringing awful plastic surgery to our television.What's up with True Hollywood Story Investigates: Plastic Surgery Nightmares

If you haven't heard, E! network followed five women who had bad plastic surgery experiences. Samantha Harris is the host of this two-hour program.

Why is our culture so obsessed with celebrity plastic surgery stories-- specially when these stories enter the bizare, fringe cases?

Ask someone what they think about a celebrity who's undergone plastic surgery and is over the age of 40, and be prepared for a stream of mean comments like "she looks pulled back", "her lips are crazy big", "his eyes look like cat eyes".

Personally, I'm turned off by these attacks. But I'll give programs like Nightmares one credit: They do offer advice from doctors on making the right plastic surgery choices.