The Real Housewives of New York and Plastic Surgery

Amy Spagnola on 21 Apr 2011 at 9:00am

The fourth season of Bravo’s hit show is in full swing, so we got curious about who’s been nipped, tucked and sucked (as in fat) to stay flawless for the constant eye of the camera.

Here are 5 gossiped about cosmetic procedures of the cast of Real Housewives of New York:

1. Jill Zarin, 47, appeared on the red carpet of the TV Land Awards in early April looking like an entirely different person. While many thought she had a nose job and lots of Botox or fillers, Zarin set the record straight on Wendy Williams: “I have not used any plastic surgery…[my dermatologist] uses a liquid facelift.” This includes Restylane and Botox (see video). Viewers will see the process on an upcoming episode. 

Jill Zarin plastic surgery

She may have succumbed to the pressures of aging in the limelight, but Zarin went against one Real Housewife trend: she had breast reduction surgery.
“There is no reason anyone should have to suffer from low self-esteem or poor body image,” she said in an interview with Life & Style. “We have the power to change our bodies in a safe and positive way.”

2. Ramona Singer, 53, has admittedly been injecting Botox into her face for over 10 years. She’s had cellulite reduction procedures on her thighs and had her neck area tightened with laser treatments. Yet in a Q&A with StyleList, she says "I haven't had plastic surgery yet. I'm all about staying young naturally."

She looks great, but, earth to Ramona: Botox isn't natural! 

3. Bethenny Frankel, 40, opens up in Life & Style about her decision to get a breast lift, then being talked into breast implants instead. She ended up with “saggy” but bigger breasts, and had them removed. Seattle Plastic Surgeon Dr. Richard P. Rand, stresses, “IMPLANTS ADD VOLUME - THEY DON'T LIFT THE BREAST. It has been a common misconception that placing an implant above the muscle will give the patient a lift - it does not.” Frankel’s first surgeon must have missed that memo.

She also had a brief stint with Botox, but says "injectables are scary!"

Bethenny Frankel plastic surgery botched boob job

4. Kelly Bensimon, 42, made headlines for her "bolted on" breast implants – they seemed stick out and drift apart. Though recent photos reveal a more natural bust,  leading to speculation of implant revision or removal. She has yet to comment.

Kelly Bensimon breast implants plastic surgery

Bensimon does fess up to one thing: "I wasn't thrilled with Botox," she said to People, adding that now, "I'm proud of every wrinkle I have."

5. Sonja Morgan, 45, sought liposuction from New York Plastic Surgeon Dr. Howard T. Bellin in season three. After baring her post-baby “pooch” on national TV, Morgan wrote in her blog “Honestly, I am very happy with my body, but I just wanted to be rid of the roll that came over the top of my jeans.”

Sonja Morgan liposuction Sonja Morgan plastic surgery and botox

As for Botox and fillers? "Oh God yes, I do it all!" said Morgan to "But I think it's all about moderation."

Bravo should start a Real Housewives of Botox series – they could recycle women from every RH city!

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