6 Popular Plastic Surgery Apps for iPhone

K. Mathews on 25 Jul 2011 at 5:30pm

Want plastic surgery? There’s an app for that! Dozens, in fact. I downloaded some of the most popular (and free!) plastic surgery-related iPhone apps and gave them a whirl. 

Mod Your Bod

Mod Your Bod - Plastic Surgery on Your Phone
Mod Your Bod has thorough explanations for a variety of procedures, as well as plenty of before and after example photographs. For fun, they also offer virtual plastic surgery where you can upload photos (or use existing samples).  I had trouble getting my chubby fingers to “fix” one body part without accidentally distorting another. However, it does allow you to tinker with a greater number of body parts than the other apps, making it worthwhile.

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Pocket Plastic Surgery

Pocket Plastic Surgery - Plastic Surgery on Your Phone
While there is an FAQ and scarce “Find a Surgeon” sections, the reason you’d really want this app is the Simulations feature. Upload a photo of yourself (or a friend), and you can see what you’d look with new breasts, liposuction, or even a nosejob. The technology is pretty advanced, allowing you to tilt/resize your photo so that the resulting image comes out looking decent rather than comical like most of the other apps.

The Plastic Show

The Plastic Show - Plastic Surgery on Your Phone
If you’re looking for something fun, you’ve come to the wrong app. The Plastic Show is just a collection of YouTube videos explaining various procedures. Considering you can easily find these videos (not to mention better ones) on YouTube yourself, it’s not worth a download.


iAugment - Plastic Surgery on Your Phone
If bigger breasts are what you’re looking for, give iAugment a try. Rather than stretching a picture like a lot of the other apps, iAugment allows you to mark precisely where the existing breasts are and then grow them to the cup size of your choosing. With the right photo, it can actually look pretty realistic. You can even save the augmented picture to your personal photo gallery – just don’t let your girlfriend catch you with an enhanced photo of her!


iSurgeon - Plastic Surgery on Your Phone
This app is my favorite. Not only can you upload photos to distort it in a similar fashion to most other apps, there is also a “Game Mode”, which allows you to practice your plastic surgeon skills on some cartoonish looking figures, complete with amusing sound effects. Though I can’t resist trying to improve upon my (paltry) high scores, I’m pretty sure med school isn’t in my future.

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RealSelf app before and after photos
That’s right, RealSelf has an app, too! If you're the judgemental type, or just curious what results have actually been obtained through real procedures, you can browse through 8,000 before and after photos of plastic surgery patients. 

Overall, I found myself having more fun taking pictures of my friends and making them look worse rather than better… pointy noses and breasts for everybody! While these apps were certainly entertaining, it was difficult to give my pictures the natural look that actual plastic surgeons would be sure to provide. So I guess you’ll still have to consult a doctor for a realistic perspective on how plastic surgery would look for you.