Does Plastic Surgery Make a Good Graduation Gift? [POLL]

K. Mathews on 14 Jun 2012 at 1:00pm

graduation plastic surgery

Want a chin implant with that diploma? Evidently, cosmetic surgery is becoming an increasingly popular graduation gift for young people. The New Jersey News Room reports that the rate of rhinoplasties and breast surgeries among teenagers has increased significantly in the past several years, particularly around graduation. In fact, Dr. Franklin Rose says that the number of appointments he has quadruples during graduation season.

KHOU 11 has also noticed the trend. The station profiled Madison Landis, a high school senior whose parents bought her breast implants as a graduation present. Landis says that she has contemplated the surgery since middle school, and her parents say they are happy to fund the operation to help their daughter become a more confident woman.

Is it appropriate, though, to give this sort of gift to a young person? 

That depends, argues plastic surgeon Dr. David Reath. “The reason graduation time may be a benefit is because it can be a very convenient time to make a change without drawing as much attention to yourself,” he says. “Generally speaking, you’re going to be with different people in college than you were in high school or different people in the workforce than you were in college. So it can be a very opportune time to have something, but the timing in and of itself is not a reason to do something.”

Then there's the final argument - if you're entering the workforce, being more confident in your appearance could help your job search.

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Photo Credit: Andres Rodriguez/Deposit photos