Are Famous Plastic Surgeons on TV the Best in the Biz?

K. Mathews on 6 Sep 2011 at 4:00pm

Are the plastic surgeons you see on television better than other doctors? While you might assume that the professionals who are in the media spotlight are the cream of the crop, when this was question was posed in the forums, the RealSelf doctors overwhelmingly disagreed with the sentiment.

Of course, that’s not to say that the doctors on talk shows are bad, just that you shouldn’t assume that they’re great. As Dr. Aaron Stone of Los Angeles explains, “Some do it for fame and narcissism, some for advertising and marketing purposes, and some just to educate the general public. Of those doctors, some are average, some are above average, and some are below average. The ability to go on television does not correlate directly with the ability to perform a good, safe surgery.”

Adds Memphis' Dr. Peter Aldea, “I would not recommend you choose your surgeon based on his/her media interviews or portfolio, but instead focus on his/her patient reviews, doctors’ recommendations, and the way you are treated by the surgeon at his/her office.”

RealSelf member Forever777 who had a tummy tuck by a well-known TV personality may provide some proof. She rated the surgery extremely poorly, adding, “He is too concerned about his new show.”

anthony youn plastic surgeon

Lest you think the responses are just jealousy on the part of un-televised doctors, take it from Michigan Dr. Anthony Youn who has appeared on more than a dozen television programs. “Getting on TV means the plastic surgeon has connections, has retained a publicist, and/or is a good public speaker,” he says. Dr. Youn says that he considers his television guest stints to be a hobby of sorts, which improves his business by increasing his name recognition and client referrals. However, he adds, “Just because I’m on TV regularly doesn’t mean I’m any better of a plastic surgeon than my colleague down the street.”

What do you think? Does media presence affect your choice of doctor? 

Photo credit: Horrortaxi on Flickr