Woman With Ruptured PIP Implants Bares It All in Video Docu-Diary

Princess 19 on 19 Jan 2012 at 11:42am

A British woman has chosen to share her PIP implant experience and the process she has undergone to get them removed through a video diary.

Her name is Abbie, and her story is being told by the the Aurora Clinic in the UK.  She speaks of how she initially received her implants, her failure to directly contact the PIP company in regards to the implants' status, and the decisions she made to get them removed and replaced.

"I had them put in January 2008," Abbie recalls.  "To be honest, I had absolutely no problems until what I saw on the news."

After a few consultations with more than one doctor (with some false reports that her implants were okay), she finally found out that she had indeed had ruptured implants.  Upon further review of her medical records, she discovered they were made by PIP.  She was "extremely angry, extremely upset."

As most of these women have felt, Abbie wondered how could have this happened.

So, what does she patient hope to gain from her chronicling her video memoir?

"...let's hope it helps some other women and they take action too!"

It's a long video, so here's what happens and when. Highly recommend 12 min in when they show the ruptured implants. 

Start - 3:00 Abbie discusses how she discovered the rupture, and her decision to replace.

3:00 - 12:00 Graphic surgery

12:00 - 14:00 Doctor shows removed ruptured implants 

14:00 - end  Post-op interview, how Abbie feels after

Photo Credit:  Aurora Clinic UK