Pink diet patch: marketing cute to get sales

Beauty in Seattle on 16 Feb 2008 at 4:32pm

The overtly cute marketing caught my attention for weight control patch called the Pink Diet Patch.  The Pink Diet Patch is marketed to younger women looking to lose weight discretely with the application of an herbal pink patch.

Pink Diet patch ad

What's in the Pink patch? A strange brew. Fucus Vesiculosus (a seaweed), 5-HTP (a neurotransmitter), Guarana (a source of caffeine for some soft drinks), Zinc Pyruvate, Yerba Mate, Flaxseed Oil, Lecithin, L-Carnitine.  

I can't say anything about the efficacy, but it's really irksome to see their promotional materials using incredibly skinny models and statements that it can work miracles far beyond dropping pounds:

Don't pretend you don't know about the tragedies that can befall women later in life. Protect yourself and be one less victim! Put on the Pink Patch, and you can reduce your chances of getting breast and ovarian cancers, boost your immune system, and cleanse your liver and kidneys. That's it! That's all you have to do. That's Pretty with Pink

Does this bother anyone else or do I need to take a chill patch?

UPDATE, PLEASE READ!  I've received a ton of requests (below) to cancel your Pink Patch order.  As mentioned, I have NO AFFILIATION with the PInk Patch company.  Here is contact information I've found online for contacting Pink Patch.  I welcome updates or suggestions on better contacts

Company Number: 5294475 Registered in England & Wales
Registered Office: Cherrytree (Suite 2) Union Road Nether Edge Sheffield S11 9EF
Customer Service Number: 0845 603 6469
Customer Service Email:
Customer Service Address: The Pink Patch PO Box 99 Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 6SN


Monday - Friday
8 AM - 6 PM EST

The Pink Patch
500 Bic Drive
Bldg #4 Ground Floor
Milford, CT 06461