PicoSure Tattoo Removal Treatment: A Real Story

Nicole Fukuoka on 15 Jan 2014 at 9:00am

What to expect during your first PicoSure treatment: watch a real patient as he starts his tattoo removal journey.

Nine years ago, love and a little bit of beer inspired "Austin" to get his girlfriend's name tattooed on his chest. Now they are no longer together, but he's still stuck with the permanent reminder of his past. Austin and his new girlfriend are more than ready to see the tattoo disappear for good, so they visited Dr. Edward Rohaly at ER Derm in Newport Beach, Calif. to start removal treatments using the PicoSure laser.

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The PicoSure laser is a new tattoo removal device that uses PicoSecond technology to get rid of unwanted tattoos in half the number of treatments as traditional Q-Switched lasers. It's also had great success at getting rid of blue and green inks, which used to be the hardest colors to remove. 

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"With traditional nano technology we depended on the wave length to be the proper color to hit each particular pigment, but what's different now with the PicoSure technology is rather than selectively hitting each color, it's a power wave of energy that pulverizes the pigments into tiny particles that are easy for our body to take away which causes the color to dissipate," explained Dr. Rohaly about why the PicoSure laser is less color sensitive than other devices on the market.

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While Austin may make the procedure look like a cake walk, other RealSelf community members have claimed it might be a little more painful than his face lets on. Watch the video above to see what you can expect to experience with a PicoSure treatment, and how the results look after one treatment.

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*Patient's name changed to protect his privacy