Only 65% Say Permanent Makeup is Worth It

K. Mathews on 2 Aug 2011 at 2:28pm

Are you someone who feels naked without makeup on? Rather than putting on a new coat each day, some women turn to permanent makeup, a form of facial tattoo that makes you appear as though you’re always wearing makeup such as eyeliner, lipstick, and eyebrows. 

The permanent makeup forum is fiercely divided on this procedure. With a Worth It Rating of 65%, there is a fairly even split between women who are pleased with their decision and others who regret it immensely.

Pros and cons from RealSelf reviewers:

PRO: “I hated putting on lipstick every day.” – lukenmylissa

CON: “They were so crudely applied that they looked like they had been drawn on by a child.” – 8212anon

PRO: “As I am a busy mom always in a hurry, I hate the hassle and time issue of applying make-up [that] is always smudging and wearing off.” – nat678

CON: “[I] have to walk around with 2 totally different size eyebrows, I was way better off before.” – angiee

permanent makeup eyebrow photos

PRO: “I could never put on eyeliner [previously] because my skin is oily and pencils just skipped over the very sensitive and thin lid skin.” – Winterfield2817

CON: “Imagine waking up and looking like a clown when you are at the pool/gym – trust me, not places where it looks good to have a fully made-up look.” – scgali

PRO: “My own [eyebrows] were not this even before and I get compliments all the time.” – Sara Hoffman

CON: “Once the make up is done there is no going back, so if you hate it, it will ruin your life like it has mine.” – rub4287

If you are considering permanent makeup, Over 40 offers some sound advice: "This is not something you shop the price or use a coupon! It is permanent on your FACE! Take your time, see photos, get all the info you can and make an informed decision on using a very experienced tech."

permanent makeup reviews

Photo credits: RealSelf members Over 40 (lead), ElisabethZ (Worth It), 8212anon (Not Worth It)