Permanent Makeup: The Rest of the Story

Beauty Cred on 10 Jan 2008 at 9:49am

Next week I'm supposed to go for the second session of my permanent makeup on my lips.  My eyebrows turned out really well, but the lips have faded to the point where they seem to have no color. I was looking forward to the second appointment.

And then Tom pointed out all the people on our site who are desperately seeking solutions for permanent makeup removal. There are some incredible horror stories here. They have been posted by people who have had disfiguring results, and are now going for laser tattoo removal.

This has made me reconsider my previous decision.  Maybe since all the color faded, I should not go back? Admittedly I will have spent $450 for nothing, but what if I go back and she misses with the liner, or the color, or some of the other stories our visitors have told?

As a result of our own site, I'm going to do some further research and put my appointment off for a while.  First, I'm going to find out whether lips with as much sun exposure as mine can EVER absorb the color.  The artist who did my first visit had some reservations about that. Then, I'm going to find out whether at the second visit she will do it over completely, or just touch up the bottom lip to give it a little darker color.

Stay tuned! And feel free to offer me your feedback.