Permanent Makeup (Lips)

Beauty Cred on 18 Dec 2007 at 4:29pm

OMG, I just had my lips tattooed, or permanently made up.  Good thing you don't really know me, because if you did you really wouldn't recognize me. They are so swollen that they are all over my face like Julia Roberts' usually are. And mine aren't!

I had to brace myself to keep myself from panicking and killing the woman who did this to me with mybare hands, but I know the swelling will go down in a couple of days and then I will be able to judge what I will look like.  Also, this isn't the final color, which she told me will also change.

The procedure cost $450 and took two incredibly agonizing hours, lots of music on the iPod, ice water compresses, and numbling cream. I have to admit that since I had already done the eyebrows, which cam out great, I was much better able to endure the lips.  Do not ever start with your lips! They are by far the most painful.

I was just thinking that I probably should change the name of this blog from A Natural Beauty.  Can a woman with tattooed eyes and lips, two special lenses in her eyes, and a titanium hip be called "natural?

Would "A Bionic Beauty" be a good blog title?

The picture above is the before picture, in a sense that it's before the swelling subsides.