Reviewers in "Love Love Love" with Anti-Aging Injectables

K. Mathews on 5 Oct 2011 at 9:00am

Some people don’t just love their cosmetic enhancements, they love, love, love them. I looked for RealSelf reviewers who showed triple love for their procedures, and it turns out injectables (like Botox and Juvederm) make up the majority of the ultra-beloved treatments:

  • Peacepup love love loves Dysport wrinkle-removing injections for not only rejuvenating her, but eliminating her tension headaches. 
  • OMG I love love love it!!” says VaGirl of her Smart Lipo. “I now have the nice butt AND sleek, thin thighs and knees I’ve always wanted… Can you tell I’m happy? :)” I can indeed!
  • Though she initially liked her breast implants, breast-feeding left Scottsdale9872’s boobs looking saggy. An “AMAZING” implant replacement surgery has left her “incredibly happy” and love love loving her new look.
  • Faceman “looked in the mirror and cried because [he] was so happy” after receving Sculptra treatments to fill out the sunken appearance of his face. It’s no surprise that he love love loves a procedure that made him “feel human again.
  •  “Love love love it, WHY did I wait so long?” asks KyraMorgan after her first Botox injection, boasting, “It’s like the wrinkles are melting away.”
  • On the other hand, Seattleself wasn’t a big fan of Botox initially, but after finding the right doctor, she joined the “love love love” category. “I finally found a doctor who LOOKED the way that I wanted to look: healthy, not stretched and artificial.”
  • Jtalaska has triple love for Latisse for exceeding her expectations. On the drug, her lashes grew “super quick and they are way longer than I ever imagined they could be.”
  • "They are the type of breast aug that everyone wants," says Stacey2500 of her procedure. She doesn't just love her breast augmentation, she loves them in capital letters, even.

Since making the decision to have and pay for cosmetic enhancements can be a difficult process, I love love love reading about the people who are thoroughly enthusiastic with the choices they've made. 

Photo credit: Flickr by aussiegall