Pay for your Breast Implants with a Sugardaddy

Beauty Cred on 5 Dec 2008 at 9:40am

Yes, times are tough. But don't let that dissuade you from getting that breast implant surgery done. And don't think that means sinking yourself further into debt. There's a new way to bankroll your boobs:

Think voyeurism meets ebay meets online dating. The idea is pretty straightforward. Post your tale of woe, post some pics, stay in touch with your "benefactors", and start earning money for those implants. Basically, the guys who play sugardaddy can put some money in your coffers by emailing you, or by giving you a direct donation.

As the site says to the guys,

And remember... the best part is seeing the newly transformed ladies after the surgery when they return to the website to post pictures of the results. You can take pride in knowing that you helped her improve her self esteem and self image!

Yeah, I'm sure there's a whole lotta pride going on there.

I'm a huge believer in "to each his own" and free enterprise. But let me just say the "Hall of Fame" page of success stories on is a headshot gallery fit for the back (very back) pages of Cosmopolitan. Only thing missing is a direct link to a Scores job application—oh that's right, Scores bit the dust...

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