Buyer's Remorse: Sometimes It's a Bad Decision, Not Bad Cosmetic Surgery

K. Mathews on 13 Sep 2011 at 3:00pm

Because of society's beauty ideals, people often think that the characteristics that make others seem perfect would be perfect for them, too. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes having plastic surgery to realize that they were happy with their original appearance in the first place.

It's not that they think the doctor did a bad job, it's that they realize they liked their looks better beforehand. Here are 4 tales from RealSelf members who want to turn back time on their appearance -- and not in terms of age:

1. 5359anon feels her nose is too masculine-looking after rhinoplasty and wants her cartilage graft to be shaved back to “exactly” how it was before.

While the doctors agree this would probably be possible, Dr. Toby Mayer suggests finding an experienced revision surgeon to make sure the procedure comes out how she hopes this time.

2. Assisstance please sounds desperate: “I want my old face back. I got fat injected in my cheeks and facial lines and now I look like a monster... HELP ME PLEASE!!!”

Dr. Samir Shureih senses this plea sounds indicative of larger problems, urging, “Reevaluate your motives for the surgery, reevaluate your expectations, [and] reevaluate your view of your body image. Have a psychiatrist help dig through all this.”

plastic surgery regrets

3. Perthboy is a rare case of someone who had rhinoplasty, decided to undo it, and now wants it back again.

The RealSelf doctors, including Dr. Scott Trimas, advised him to have a nose job with a graft to achieve a look he’ll finally want to keep on a permanent basis.

4. Amina55 thinks that, following rhinoplasty, her nose is “way too small for my face now and [she] want[s] it back to how it was before. Is it even possible?”

Fellow posters recommended waiting until after the swelling subsided before writing off the whole surgery. After time passed, Amina55 returned to report that she "loves" the look now that it's fully healed.

While it worked out for Amina55, I can only imagine the pain of wanting to hit a "reset" button. These members remind us to examine motivations and take time to think about what is desired.  You wouldn't want to find out that you love yourself the way you are after it's too late.

Have you ever made a change in your appearance and then regretted it?