8 Outrageous Plastic Surgery Requests in Beverly Hills

DrMayer on 11 Aug 2010 at 9:27am

In my 35 plus years as a facial plastic surgeon I have received some outrageous requests from patients. Here are, in my opinion, the top eight craziest requests of my career.

1) Bigger Ears, Pleasereally big ears, please

I once had an average-looking 45 year-old male patient request to have his ears made so they stuck out further. I, of course, asked him if he was sure, and showed him an image of what he would look like. He said that is what he wanted, he was very happy with the result of surgery.

2) Pubic Hair for that Bald Spot

People have asked me to transfer their pubic hair to the top of their head.

My answer? No. Bad idea. Very bad idea.

3) Do you Think my Forehead makes me Look Fat?Can you make my forehead skinny?

As a facial plastic surgeon, the requests I hear tend to differ between men and women. However, there is one question that I am commonly asked by both: if I could take the fat out of their foreheads.

I find it odd how often I have to explain that there is, in fact, no fat in the forehead, only skin muscle and bone.

4) I'm Depressed...

People often want their temple depressions to be filled out because they are “sunken in”, which can be achieved with various fillers.

5) Scars are so Embarrassing...on Your Dogparis hilton with a pet friend

Beverly Hills is home to many very wealthy residents. A request I’ve had from such individuals is to remove things on their pets! This could be anything from removing a fatty tumor on their dog, or even a scar.

6) Make me Look Gaunt

A very common request I get is from people who are not fat, yet have full cheeks, and want that fat removed from their faces. I won’t perform this procedure, because they will need that fat later on in life. In fact, I performed an abdominalplasty on one such patient, who had had laser liposuction with a previous surgeon, who had removed all the fat in her face. I had to get a pancake- sized piece of fat from her abdomen and sew it into her face.

7) Help, the Feds are Looking for me

I’ve had several people who want me to make them look unrecognizable, like a different person. These people are usually trying to evade the law.

Of course, I said no.

Give me a facelift, or else

8) Give me a Bad Facelift, or Else

I once had a famous actor who was “packing a 44 magnum” who wanted surgery that I would not perform. I felt he was mentally unstable.

Also, there are a number of actors and actresses who want me to pull their skin too tight and make them look unnatural, (like Joan Rivers), which I don’t do.

     Toby Mayer, MD
Toby Mayer, Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Mayer is a Facial Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA.  More about Dr. Mayer

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