How to Achieve the Oscar Night Glow – without being a Hollywood Star!

Princess 19 on 24 Feb 2011 at 12:00am

The Red Carpet walk has become so popular in the last few years that it’s spawned a plethora of shows airing BEFORE the first Oscar is even handed out. Whether it’s E! or ABC, fans are clamoring to their high-def TV sets to see the gowns and the glamorous bling. A-list stars are always asked, “What are you wearing?” But, why not, “How did you get that skin?”

Having Red Carpet perfect skin is not all smoke and mirrors or a simple application of make-up. It’s a complete process to prep the skin. RealSelf doctor David Colbert, M.D. told the Hollywood Reporter the Red Carpet routine for his celeb following. “I’ll do our signature triad facial, which includes microdermabrasion and laser toning on the neck, hands and face,” he says. “There’s no downtime, so they can have it done a week or even a few days before the show.” The Manhattan-based doc flies to the west coast to treat his A-list clientele such as Michelle Williams, one of this year’s Oscar nominees for Best Actress in a Leading Role for Blue Valentine. Harper’s Bazaar also asked a few celeb skin experts how to “get the look.” The consensus was the same with both microdermabrasion and exfoliation topping the list as treatments for stars like Oscar winner Hilary Swank.

So what makes microdermabrasion so popular? If you ask RealSelf members and doctors, it’s affordability and results. The procedure utilizes aluminum oxide or magnesium oxide crystal blasts to peel the top-most layer of skin and create cell turnover and promote collagen growth. Patients have seen improvements in areas of texture, wrinkle appearance, and scarring. Pricing can sometimes be less than $100 a session. At home versions are also available at various costs. There are crystallized creams that are massaged with hands or devices, such as one from Olay. Or you can try a solid form like the blinc resurf.a.stic™ which features medical-grade, diamond-shaped crystals in a stick – available for the face or body. With virtually no down time, you too can have movie star skin while you watch the Red Carpet or attend your own Oscar party this Sunday! Obviously, results always vary. So, be sure to check out RealSelf for some answers to help you make the right choice.

Advanced medical technologies available today allow A-list stars to appear impeccably perfect. We can’t even imagine the pressure to achieve this. Today, it’s HDTV. Could tomorrow bring high-def movies? We shudder to think. Happy Oscar watching!

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Photo credit: DWNews