With Oprah Gone, Who Will Be the Face of Yo-Yo Dieters?

Julie Clark Robinson on 24 May 2011 at 5:00pm

For 25 years women have given themselves a break in their day and tuned in to not only see what Oprah has to say, but how she looks.  Be honest…that’s part of it, isn’t it?  When she lost 67 pounds in 1988, Oprah captured the attention of overweight women everywhere who were looking for a mentor.  You could almost hear “If she can do it, so can I” ring out over the land.  Sadly, mighty Miss O put every ounce of that weight back on over the years, lost some, gained more back…and so it goes.

Yo-yo-dieting may just get you into those size 10 jeans for a nanosecond like it did for Oprah when she jubilantly wheeled 67 pounds of fat onto the stage in front of her live audience, but she will be the first to tell us (and has) that deprivation is not our friend.

“Goal weights can be demoralizing if they are not sustainable.  We all have a weight we would like to be, but that weight may not be realistic.  Better to be happy at a healthy, sustainable weight resulting from a good diet and exercise,” advises Dr. Brent Moelleken, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.

Women everywhere will bid a slightly frenzied adieu to Oprah tomorrow as the final episode of her show airs.  Something tells me that we won’t be in withdrawal for long.

Did you identify with Oprah as she struggled with her weight through the years?

Oprah 67 lbs of fat

Photo Credit: Wikimedia and Oprah.com