Anti-aging by Olay Definity

Beauty in Seattle on 9 Feb 2007 at 12:00am

Definity foam is part of the Definity skin care lineWith the launch of the Definity wrinkle cream at a price point below $30, P&G has increased consumer access to high-tech skin creams that have clinical research to back claims.  Few $300 an ounce premium skin care products can match this level of research and trials. 

If the under-$30 price point makes you feel skeptical of the Definity product efficacy, I'd recommend that you not rule-out skin care products based on the fact they're available at a low price or in Wal-mart. 

Large beauty companies invest huge sums in research and development and product portfolios increasingly include niche, high-end skin care lines like DDF (that are priced much higher at the spa!).

I'm not a price-based beauty shoppper, but I have a bias toward specialty skin care products that target specific skin regions such as anti-aging eye creams.  I do respect the head of beauty at Proctor and Gamble and how products like Definity and Regenerist bring anti-aging skin care to consumers at affordable prices. 

Thus, I've tried the Regenerist thermal skin polisher and a free sample of Olay Definity. Both were elegant products you wouldn't expect from a typical bargain drugstore purchase.  I can't attest to wrinkle reduction or maintenance since it takes long periods of application to discover this benefit, so I welcome comments on your experience with Definity or Regenerist.

Regardless of price or results, Definity is not a natural skin care product, so it won't appeal to you if you're interested in organic skin care products.  But if this isn't a requirement and your prime mission is to get anti-aging benefits from your skin care product, you may want to try the Definity budget-friendly product line.

Definity is described by the beauty industry publication Chain Drug Review:

The products' hydration allows the rebuilding of skin's collagen structure as well as a reduction of the appearance of discolorations in order to make skin appear lit from within...Olay Definity reduces the appearance of such skin discolorations as dullness and age spots in eight weeks by up to 78% versus a base moisturizer...

The three Definity products were launched into the US market with a $50M ad campaign, so if you read beauty magazines you are likely familiar with Definity.  Interestingly, P&G targeted half of their ad dollars to attract entirely new customers into the anti-aging skin care market. The other half was targeted at higher-end product consumers including folks who buy specialty skin lines (presumably Arbonne).

I've been asked about the latest Definity price, so here's the pricing/links from (fair disclosure: yes, I make a very small commission from these purchases, but it's not as important to me as getting your comments below!).