Tightening Leg Lotion worth it

Beauty Cred on 2 Jul 2008 at 7:37am

If you're old enough to remember the frenzy that occurred around the James Bond "For Your Eyes Only" movie poster, then you remember how those legs were suddenly the ideal ones to have. I don't have any aspirations of having such airbrushed legs, but I still want to have legs that are as toned as possible for an over 40 chick with 3 small kids and zero time. Yes, I admit to looking for the answer in a body lotion vs. hitting the gym. So I tried out Nouveau Cosmeceuticals Cell Regenerating Firming Lotion, and here's my first impression...

Let me first say that "firming" is about as over-used in the lotion biz as a word can get. And it has the flavor of over-promise, under-deliver that I typically find to be a turn-off. The word "tightening", however, works better for me because there are products out there that provide a tightening effect. And I find that to be the case with Nouveau Cosmeceuticals Cell Regenerating Firming Lotion.

Cell Regenerating Firming Lotion is light and silky to the feel; it has a bit of slip to it. The Cell Regenerating Firming Lotion formula contains a moisturizing mix of Aloe Leaf Juice, Urea, Glycerin, Cyclomethicone and Shea Butter. Lactic Acid provides the cell-regenerating aspect as it's an alpha-hydroxy acid. And it's topped off with an uplifting mandarin scent. There's a slight bit of tacky-ness to the touch once the lotion absorbs, but not it's not off-putting--and it's definitely moisturizing.

As some time passes (maybe an hour) I notice that my skin does feel a bit tighter. Don't get me wrong here, it's not like I'm looking at legs that have gone through some body contouring procedure--but that's not what I'm in it for. A subtle, feel-good tightening is what I want, and what I get with this Nouveau Cosmeceuticals lotion. The added benefit is that my skin has a very soft sheen to it that appears to be lasting for a while and not the oil-slick type of sheen either.

Nouveau Cosmeceuticals Cell Regenerating Firming Lotion is one worth trying. I like the moisturization level, and it has a subtle tightening effect. The mandarin scent is nice--great for a summery feel, too.