Hug Your Nose to Get a Nose Job - Claim Check

Angie_M on 20 Sep 2010 at 2:15pm

Claim: The official Nose Huggie website claims if you wear their Nose Huggie device for two weeks, just 15 minutes a day, “you will start to see your nose will appear noticeably smaller and thinner, and straighter on the bridge.”

Background: It’s tempting to believe you could achieve the same results you’d get with a rhinoplasty by using a splint-like device called a nose huggie. But that’s what the address-less company that has come up with this product wants you to believe.

Reality: Dr. David Pearson, a Jacksonville plastic surgeon says of the Nose Huggies, “There is no at-home remedy for reshaping the adult nose. There are, however, several nonsense products that claim to be able to reshape the nose. They generally consist of overpriced clamps and clips…”

And, Dr. Peter Aldea sounds off from Memphis, “Personally, I think although this device could always do a better job as a potato chip bag clip, you may come out ahead with a Home depot wrench which could double for other around the home jobs...(JUST JOKING. Do NOT try this at home).”

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