No! No! Hair Removal Review

Beauty Cred on 18 Apr 2008 at 8:53am

Here's my review of the No No hair removal device.

Ease of Use 

The no! no! is super-easy to use. There's a little green light on the no! no! that tells you whether you're  doing it correctly or not--but I found it quite easy to get the light to stay on steadily as it should. One of the first things you're told about the no! no! is that it requires time, patience and a strong commitment. If you want the results from no! no!, you have to play the game.

No! No! on Legs

No! no! is indeed painless. Outside of a warm feeling, and a slight tingling afterward, that was it. It did, however, cause a burning smell as it "crystallized" the hair on my legs. And the smell lingered.No No Hair Removal Review

As I glided the no! no! on my leg, I found that I could "power no! no!" too and just glide it back and forth without lifting it to speed things up. The no! no! did remove my hair, but even with the recommended buffing after treatment, I still had stubble. (Remember, no! no! advocates time, patience, and a strong commitment!)

No! No! on Face

I used the no! no! on my face. (Husband's response: "are you crazy?") While I only have very fair peach fuzz type hair on my face, I have friends who wax their upper lip and sideburn areas.

Even with only the slightest hair on my face, no! no! did a great job with minimal irritation. But its size makes the no! no! difficult to maneuver around the nose and upper lip area. Maybe no! no! should come out with an adapter head for those tight spots.

How No No Works

All of the no! no! literature talks about its hair removal process in 3 steps: first contact, crystallization and disruption, with disruption being the longer-term benefit you'd want. According to no! no!, during disruption:

It is assumed that the signal disrupts the cell communication between the bulge and root. This communication is considered to be responsible for stimulating hair growth.

Having been on the side of the business that produces such statements, I always take issue with comments that "assume" something--I want to say, did you do the research or didn't you? Comments like that just sort of leave the consumer hanging wanting more info...And in all places I've researched the no! no!, similar language is used when talking about the disruption stage. Just raises an eyebrow...


no! no! is very easy to use and was completely pain-free. At $250 retail, it's cheaper than laser hair removal treatments but I'd only get it if I considered my hair growth a major beauty concern.

For me, the no! no! is not a quick enough leave-your-legs-smooth solution. I do not have much body hair, so it may work better for someone else. The no! no! worked well on light facial hair with minimal irritation.

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