The Nip Tuck Couple – Plastic Surgery for Us!

Princess 19 on 7 Mar 2011 at 12:00am

Couples often share many things like food, a bed, or (gasp) a bathroom. But, a growing trend today is undergoing cosmetic procedures at the same time. Date night going under the knife? Let’s take a look at some motivating factors.

Make me a star!

Just like the recent story covering the most celebrity parts requested, a couple’s motivation for plastic surgery could be to mirror a perfect celebrity couple. A recent survey by the Harley Medical Group in Europe found that almost 25% of their patients admitted their partners were also going under the knife. A top reason is to emulate a stunning celeb power couple like Victoria and David Beckham according to The Daily Mail. The thought process is looking like celebs will result in the same celebrity lifestyle and eventual happiness. We think being a pop star and a soccer player actually bought their castle. But, whose to say happiness won’t ensue by copycatting their looks?

We’re getting hitched!

Impending nuptials are another key motivator for a couple’s surgery. It’s not just the bride looking to be perfect on her “big day” anymore. These days, it’s the groom, too! And for those that are already married, it’s a way to bond together – similar to working out together, only more invasive. Overall improvement for the couple is the shared goal, whether it’s improving a post-pregnancy belly or an aging double chin. According to the survey, the top “his and hers” procedure was breast augmentation for the woman and liposuction for the men. This actually sounds less painful than couple’s counseling. But, we’re not judging.

Mommy makeover before and after from RealSelf

He/She is just not that into you…anymore.

Very often, plastic surgery is initiated by a request from a spouse or significant other. He or she seeks an improvement in the other person’s appearance. They may offer the surgery as a gift. Usually, the requestor will then take a self-assessment of his or her own “issues and dislikes” prompting their own surgery.

Giving the gift of surgery is becoming very common according to NYC surgeon, Dr. Scott Newman. But, this should definitely be discussed BEFOREHAND with each other and a doctor’s consultation. “This isn’t like giving an engagement ring. If it’s a surprise, it can backfire. It should be given to someone you know wants the procedure, “ he says recently in Portfolio.

During Valentine’s Day this year, Dr. Newman offered a $25,000 “Body by Dr. Newman Cupid’s Aesthetic” Package. The package offered a procedure, a limo, and a room at the Ritz-Carlton – complete with a private nurse and fluffy robe.

And you thought that box of Godiva chocolates with dinner was a splurge? Not even close.


Photo credit: By Ashley149