Brits, Kim K and Jen Aniston Go Crazy Over New "Alternative to Botox"

Princess 19 on 24 May 2011 at 3:00pm

Let's be honest.  We all want to look younger.  If we could find the "fountain of youth" or "miracle cream," we'd try it, as long as it didn't cause death.  Apparently, thousands of British women have found such a thing - and US celebs are soaking the product up.

The buzz is about the Nip + Fab Frown Fix, a line-filler pen.  Nip + Fab claims the cream is clinically proven to reduce lines and wrinkles by up to 50%.  What is the miracle ingredient?  A substance called Grant X, a natural alternative to Botox.  This American-made formula created by New Jersey's Grant Industries was originally slated as a wrinkle filler like Juvederm.  But apparently, users found that the product had a lasting corrective effect when used over time.  Miracle, indeed, so they say.  At the very least, it is more affordable than the Juvederm average cost of $800.  Frown Fix sells for $16.55 per pen.

Nip + Fab Frown FixThe product recently launched in the UK and thousands of women (and bribed men) stood in line to get their hands on the "miracle cream." The Daily Mail spoke to a few of the eager customers outside Boots who eagerly wanted to believe the positive claims they have heard and read.

"I’d seen the reviews online and in the newspapers and knew it was one I had to try," said Sarah from London.  "It seems like everybody wants to get their hands on some."

Fellow Londoner Ben Thompson stood in the line amongst the throngs of women.  Clearly, he should have brought one of his single male friends to keep him company.  "I’ve been sent to the store to pick up this product for my wife and a couple of her friends, " said Ben, a truly brave fellow.          

Nip + Fab counts celeb clientele like Sienna Miller, Jennifer Aniston, and Kim Kardashian as enthusiastic users for their line.  Kim K. as future celeb spokesperson?  It may happen...

Have you tried this product? Does it seem worth the wait list, or another product for the product graveyard under the sink?

Boots Nip + Fab queue

Photo credits: Chesi - Fotos CC on, Nip + Fab, Daily Mail