New Study Proves Men Prefer Face to Boobs

MakenzieR on 16 Nov 2011 at 9:00am

How do different genders and nationalities respond to the visual stimuli of an attractive woman? That’s what a French study aimed to find out when they tracked the eye movement of 210 men and women from 7 countries.

“Participants viewed the stimuli [picture on the right] for 20 seconds each and no other directions were provided,” says the company who did testing in the USA.

Check out this video that shows what men focused on:

Some key takeaways from the experiment?

  • Male gaze lingered on the chest 37% longer than female
    • French and Danish men spent almost twice as long on the chest as men from other countries
    • French women viewed the chest for nearly as long as French men
    • Danish men viewed her chest 106% more than Danish women, providing the biggest gender disparity of any country (for the chest)
  • Women looked at the ring on her finger 27% more than men
    • The biggest gender gap when viewing the ring was with the English -- women looked at it 149% longer.
  • “Across all genders and nationalities subjects spent the most time viewing the face
    • “Females were drawn to the eyes while males focused on the lips”
  • “The disparity of viewing times between men and women was the smallest for French participants”

study proves men are pervs What does this all mean?  Well for one, we’re not crazy to turn to facelifts or Botox to make our face look its best.  Even when the subject of gaze is unaware, the face is what people look at most.

To me the most interesting part was that women focused on her eyes, while men focused on her lips.  If a man were talking to a woman in person, he’d likely stare more at her eyes than lips.  But it seems men are drawn to an appealing pout when they know no one is looking back.

As for the chest-staring... Clearly French women don’t have issues staring at another woman’s cleavage -- but that’s not too surprising if you’ve seen the covers of French magazines.  And is anyone too shocked that on average men looked more than women? But to be fair, that model has really large boobs. Even I couldn’t help but stare and wonder if they were real or not.

The US researchers make some other tongue-in-cheek hypotheses about these results, like that men are pervs (boob gaze) and women are gold diggers (ring gaze).  But mostly they state that it’s fodder for further research.  

What do you think about the results of this experiment?  What did you notice the most?

Photo credit: Customer Experience Labs