New Olay ProX just more anti-aging hype?

NancyM on 27 Dec 2008 at 12:00am

Olay's ProX anti-aging skincare line has hit the shelves. Sleek, clean, hard-to-miss red packaging. And a higher price tag than core Olay lines, such as Regenerist. Olay ProX comes in at around $42 per product, or $69 for the starter kit containing all of the products.

But what justifies the price hike for what's basically just another over-the-counter anti-aging skincare line?

The clinical studies for Olay ProX say it provides improved moisture retention and boosts the rate of exfoliation. Sounds good, but that study is in comparison to untreated skin, it's not a comparison to some other OTC chemical exfoliator.

Think about it: it's like saying a car with gas runs vs. one with an empty tank. At least when Olay glowingly compared its Micro-Sculpting Cream to that "$350 cream" they actually compared it to something.

Additionally, there's really no "breakthrough" ingredient, or you would've seen it splattered across the headlines. For example, the Discoloration Fighting Complex promises to help "fade the appearance of overactive pigmentation" in 8 weeks. The key ingredients: Undecylenoyl Phenylalanine, N-Acetyl Glucosamine and Niacinamide, which happen to also be in DDF's Discoloration Reversal Pods (which we reviewed).  

Coincidence? No. P&G owns DDF as well as the Olay franchise, and 8 weeks is the industry standard for waiting to see results with any skin lightener.

While I normally like the Olay brand and I do give them kudos for forging into more cosmeceutical-looking territory, the "Alliance" of pro's they've put together to create the line makes one question, "is that the best they could do?".

Update: just spotted the Starter Kit in the weekly Target ad