42 Expert Additions to RealSelf

A. Foley on 11 Oct 2010 at 4:00pm

42 new doctors have joined the RealSelf community in the last 10 days.  We're delighted to welcome:

  1. Bruce K. Smith, MD Texas Plastic surgeon
  2. Lisa Ishii, MD Maryland Facial Plastic Surgeon
  3. Randy Proffitt, MD Alabama Plastic Surgeon
  4. Thomas Lamperti, MD Washington Facial Plastic Surgeon
  5. Paul Holden, MD Arizona Facial Plastic Surgeon
  6. Tobi Richman-Steinhardt, MD Florida Dermatologic surgeon
  7. Carlos Ferrari, MD Texas Plastic surgeon
  8. Jon E. Mendelsohn, MD Ohio Facial Plastic Surgeon
  9. Grace Liu, MD California Dermatologic surgeon
  10. Drew Welk, MD Washington Plastic surgeon
  11. Gregory Swank, DDS North Carolina Plastic surgeon
  12. Marcus Whitmore, DDS Texas Cosmetic dentist
  13. M. Sadi Erfani, MD California Plastic surgeon
  14. Alfred C. Speirs, MD Colorado Plastic surgeon
  15. Donald F. Roland, MD New York Plastic surgeon
  16. Alfredo Adolfo Paredes Jr., MD Florida Plastic surgeon
  17. Amy M. Sprole, MD Kansas Plastic surgeon
  18. Jeremy Bowen, DDS Missouri Cosmetic dentist
  19. Darrell Rigel, MD New York Dermatologic surgeon
  20. David McReynolds, DDS California Cosmetic dentist
  21. Alejandro J. Quiroz, MD Mexico Plastic surgeon
  22. Richard Bendor-Samuel, MD Canada -Nova Scotia Plastic surgeon
  23. Michael Stotsky, MD New York Dermatologist
  24. Sanjiv Kayastha, MD New York Plastic surgeon
  25. Mark G. Lebwohl, MD New York Dermatologic surgeon
  26. Mary Ann Martinez, MD Texas Dermatologist
  27. Jacob Levitt, MD New York Dermatologist
  28. Gary Goldenberg, MD New York Dermatologist
  29. Marsha Gordon, MD New York Dermatologist
  30. Helen Shim-Chang, MD New York Dermatologist
  31. Stephen Delia, MD Massachusetts Plastic surgeon
  32. Orit Markowitz, MD New York Dermatologist
  33. Tom Gallaher, MD Tennessee Plastic surgeon
  34. Sam Goldberger, MD California Oculoplastic surgeon
  35. Yadro Ducic, MD Texas Facial plastic surgeon
  36. Ruby Dillon, DDS Cosmetic dentist 
  37. Patricia Berbai, MD Canada -Quebec Plastic surgeon
  38. Alesia P. Saboeiro, MD New York Plastic surgeon
  39. R. Laurence Berkowitz, MD California Plastic surgeon
  40. Patricia Wong, MD California Dermatologic surgeon
  41. Josh Litwin, MD Washington Ophthalmologist 
  42. Monika Kiripolsky, MD California Dermatologic surgeon

After being accepted into the RealSelf doctor community--a process where we require specific training and credentials-- these doctors can participate in the community by answering health & beauty questions within the scope of their specialty, as well as post before and after pictures to our galleries

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