Get a Biodegradable Sunscreen

Beauty in Seattle on 31 Aug 2006 at 6:03am

 Biodegradable sunscreens, that is sunscreens whose ingredients will decompose naturally with the help of bacteria, are becoming more popular among nature enthusiasts and the environmentally conscious.

While there have been no conclusive studies regarding damage caused by sunscreen on underwater habitats, more and more marine sanctuaries are demanding that visitors wear biodegradable sunscreen.

The reason? Because sunscreens are viscous liquids that don’t really break down in water. They will disperse over time but not disappear completely, and in theory may block sunlight from reaching coral and other marine life that needs a certain amount of sunlight to thrive.

Natural sunscreens are generally biodegradable because they do not contain petroleum-based ingredients. For the record they work just as well as non-biodegradable ones do. They may however contain synthetic ingredients that may potentially harm the environment. That’s why the new SoyScreen, a soybean-based sunscreen, is such a breakthrough. However, until that product is on the market here are a couple of natural and biodegradable sunscreens to choose from:

  • Kiss My Face Non-Chemical Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 18 (Titanium Dioxide 6.0% Sunscreen)-- Contains no artificial fragrances or colors and is 100% biodegradable.
  • Aubrey Natural Sun SPF 20 A(Padimate O (PABA Ester) and Titanium Dioxide) –Biodegradable with white birch extract to improve skin texture, and herbal emollients to smooth and hydrate.