My Mommy Makeover Helped Me Heal

Jae9 on 27 Nov 2013 at 9:00am

bandage with broken heart

RealSelf member Jae9 is a 35 year-old nurse and mom to 9. After losing her infant son, she couldn't imagine ever being happy again. But as time passed, she decided to stand up to her grief. She'd always wanted a mommy makeover -- and scheduled her surgery on April 1, 2013. This is her story. In her own words.


before after mommy makeover woman abdomen

I figured my life was complete. I had this great husband. I had a beautiful home. I had [nine] great kids. There were only two more things I wanted - a big vacation to Ireland and a mommy makeover. I couldn't wear a bikini. I had loose stomach skin that filled out when I was pregnant, but now it just [hung] there. Sometimes I would stand up really straight [so it wouldn't show].

Then we lost one of our sons after an intense eight week illness. I wouldn't wish the pain on my worst enemy.

Driving away from the hospital the night he passed all I kept thinking was,"There's only two things I've ever wanted ...  Europe and a mommy makeover ... and now I don't want either because nothing will ever matter again." I really did think that. 

But after a year or so -- the will to be happy started coming back. I don’t know how to describe it. I would hate for my poor son to think, 'My mom’s life is over because I’m gone.” I would hate for him to be sitting up there and think, “Oh geez, I ruined it for her.”

So, I figured I would get the [mommy makeover] done and hopefully, it would help me heal and remind me that I still have to get on living.

before mommy makeover photo green bikini

RealSelf helped me find my doctor. I found another girl, Starfish78 on Realself, and she lives [close by]. She told me the doctor she used, and had several happy friends who also had work with him.  

He was really funny and said, “Wow, a woman with 9 kids! I’ve [operated on] a woman with 6 kids, but I’ve never seen a woman with 9  ...  and you don’t even need a [breast] lift!”

The day of surgery

I went the day after Easter, I wasn’t nervous in the slightest bit.

I'd been scouring the internet for pics of women with similar stats (height, weight, bra size) trying to decide on implant size. Eventually, I decided to go with the doctor's recommendation ... 550 silicone, moderate plus.

The only thing that did make me nervous was a super sexy male nurse. He was pointing and telling me what they were going to do with my body, and I kept thinking, “Eww ... you don’t want to look at that yet!  Give me a couple of months!"

It wasn’t until they started wheeling me back [into the OR] that I was like,“Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’m doing this ...”


after mommy makeover green shirt

The first three days [after surgery] I felt great! I didn’t have a pain pump or anything, and showered on the third day

I don’t know what I did [after that], but man, did I develop a crazy infection. From the 4th to 6th day post-op, I had about 10 fevers going back and forth. I felt miserable. It was really tough. It’s kind of like childbirth, you can’t really explain it to somebody unless they’ve already been through it. It’s doable, it’s definitely manageable, but it was more difficult than I expected.

After the infection was gone, I tried to stay as active as possible. I went to my kid’s baseball games and practices. My husband would set up a chair and I would just hobble into it. My husband has always been a prince, but he was great! He was even up with the babies in the middle of the night.

The first time I showered and took everything off I said, “Wow look at that!” It was definitely a drastic change, and it just keeps getting better. 

I’m still me, I’m still a wife and everybody’s mom. I’m just happier with the way I look -- and certainly more carefree when I’m getting dressed.

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