We Can’t Get Enough of Big Booties! — The RealSelf Top 5 Photos of the Week (GRAPHIC)

Jager Weatherby on 23 Feb 2015 at 5:00pm

The RealSelf community was clearly busy last week! Of the thousands of photos posted between February 15 and 21, there were a few in particular that couldn’t get enough of. From butt implants to an age-defying facelift, these are the five most popular photos of the week.

1. RealSelf user Rita Smith — Facelift

Rita Smith
“About 10 years ago I thought about having a facelift, but then thought nothing about it. In September 2013 I made a quick decision to have the procedure as I felt I really needed it, especially after losing about 12kg in 3 months which expedited my facial skin aging.”

Photo caption: “Before.” See what she looks like after.

2. RealSelf user Fitness Mom — Butt Implants

Fitness Mom
“I loooooooooove my new booty!!! I just wish I had done this surgery sooner. I am forever grateful to [my doctor] and my husband for his support through this transformational journey. My confidence is at it's all time high and I've never been this happy with my body!”

Photo caption: “Now that is a nice butt folks! #MyNewBooty!!” Read more of her review here.

3. RealSelf user THOT4ever — Butt Implants

“I am a 24 yo Male and I have always wanted THE bubble butt: nice, round, muscular, like all the guys and girls I see at the gym. I workout 4x a week, and when it comes to lower body exercises I always make sure I go full out cause my goal was to achieve that nice derriere. Well, progress has been slow so I opted for a quicker route. [...] The outcome give me great results and I have no regrets.”

Photo caption: “Bending over, Day 32.” See what he looked like before.

4. RealSelf user Tranc2400 — Juvederm

“I’ve had serious eye bags since I was little and two doctors recommended that I get the eye bag removed surgically. However, I wanted to try something less invasive and I’m so glad I had my eye bags treated with Juvederm injections. If you’re on the fence about this, it's so worth it. It took 5 years of my face..”

Photo caption: “Swelling next morning.” Read more of her review here.

5. RealSelf user Prettysoul — Brazilian Butt Lift

“My surgery was quick, painless, and beautiful. First, my doctor pricked me with this pre-numbing needle all over my back, sides and booty (it felt like little mosquito bites). Then he pushed some type of numbing solution in me through an IV. (Didn't hurt at all.). Then he started the lipo procedure, which I didn't know had started because I could not feel it whatsoever. Then he took the fat and put it all in separation processing thing. We waited another 30mins and when it was all done separating he filled up syringes and stuffed my beautiful ass. lol. Then he stitched me up and I was on my way. I love love love my new image in the mirror.”

Photo caption: “The day of surgery.’” Read more of her review here.

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