Interest High for Mommy Makeovers, but Is it Worth It?

mellieb on 18 May 2010 at 4:06pm

Wouldn’t it be nice if every woman could bounce back from pregnancy the way celebrity moms seem to? The truth is, carrying a child take a toll on a women’s body, and many times it takes a little extra help to get one’s figure back. In a recent survey conducted with Harris Interactive, we found that for many women, changes to their post-baby bodies are a top priority. According to the survey, tummy tucks are most popular among women aged 35-44 – almost half (46 percent) would choose to tone their midsection if money wasn’t an issue, compared to 34 percent of women 18-34. More than one-third (34%) of women aged 35-44 would undergo a breast lift, and 28 percent would opt for liposuction, possibly thinking ahead to swimsuit season. (These three procedures are most often associated with “Mommy Makeovers.”)

Among RealSelf users, Mommy Makeover is the highest rate procedure with a Worth It rating of 97%. Here is a sampling of what these women are saying:

  • “After having 4 large babies, the last pregnancy being full term twins (8 and 6 lbs) and no matter what I tried I could not undo the damage to my mid-section! I found that the extra skin was uncomfortable…. After about 3 months of online research and reading about others' experiences I decided it was something I really wanted to do. I am so happy with my decision.” Mummy864
  • “After having two children, I was left with a herniated belly button, stretch marks, and extra skin….The results are amazing! My stomach is completely flat and my belly button is beautiful.” 3132anon
  • “I am a 31 yrs old mother of 2. After many years of fighting with my weight after childbirth, I finally decided it was time to do for me!! Stretch marks, muffin top, back bacon... you name it I had it! I had a tummy tuck, lip, and breast lift on February 16th 2010 and I am feeling awesome. I know I am swollen, yet I am so happy with just the way I look now that I would be content staying this size.” Katgrr